A long time ago, a wise person said something that has stuck with me ever since, "what gets measured, gets managed."  What it means is something like this: you have something that you want to change.  You want to lose weight, for example.  Just by recording your weight each day, without doing any conscious changes to your routine, you will notice the pounds start to drop off.

I've applied this principle in my life on many occasions and it's never failed me.  For example, as long as we take the time to look at the credit card statements before paying them, the amounts of the statements tend to go down, even without actively trying to spend less.

There's probably all kinds of interesting psychology behind why this is.  This came to mind as I thought about how I've been trying to be very careful to stay on budget with this project.

By blogging about it as I go, it forces me to think about every decision, and I think ultimately that will keep me on task and on budget.  I know I've already made more progress in the past month than I had made in the past year.

Picture is not related.  I just needed something for the thumbnail.  This is a cool set of Mechanical Animals from Thingiverse that I printed recently.

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