Printed Some More Parts

I made this custom LCD screen/card reader by remixing RickyW's design with bruckj's 1 inch extrusion parts.  It mounts directly on the machine, and features a hole in the back to run the wires out between the extrusions.  Its good enough for now, but i think there are still some improvements to be made.  I'll post the model once I get the design perfected.   

The white pieces are Ecolink GT-PLA.  This stuff prints awesomely with really accurate details.  The corners on these pieces are sharp!

Then I moved on to the power supply mounting brackets.  Using bruckj's design here was a no-brainer.  These are great and super easy to print. 

I like the way these lift the power supply off the table so it can breathe, while securely fastening it in place.  

I ordered a dozen bearings from SeeMeCNC.  These are the ones they use on their trucks.  Next I'm going to make fully 3D printed trucks, with four of these bearings in each one.  I'll post the design on Thingiverse once its done.

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