Tension Intensifies

Some M4/M5 stainless screws and nuts I ordered a while ago on eBay arrived, so I was able to finally sit the top of the frame in place for the first time.

The M5 at the top of the picture is the 'belt tensioner' screw.  As you tighten it, the head pushes downward on the tower, and the top of the frame is pulled upward, increasing tension on the belt and also adjusting the geometry of the frame.

The M5 screw, to the bottom of the picture, holds the bearings that the belt will ride on as it loops up and over.  The recessed nut locks it in place.

Here you can see what one of the corners looks like from the top.

In the background you can kind of see that the printer is now sitting on my corner computer desk.  I ended up dismantling the shelves on top so it could fit.  It's not pretty, but it will work for now.  I've still got about 16 inches from the top of the printer to the ceiling; more than enough to mount a spool up there.  In reality I'll probably have to mount the spool(s) on the side, so I can reach it easier.

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