The Steve Weber Show

I've started a new YouTube series that I'm calling The Steve Weber Show.  I had a long weekend because I took off a couple of days while contractors were working on my house, so I used that time to write and tape the first few episodes worth of content and revamped my website at to feature it front and center.

Some episodes will focus on a particular design that you can 3D print, some will review other nifty gadgets that I want to show you.  Some will be about this blog and the printer that I'm building.   With some episodes I want to showcase problems around the house that I've fixed with 3D printing.

I've been making some YouTube product reviews lately, but this will be the first YouTube project I've ever done of this magnitude.  I'm shooting the videos in 1080p on my Nexus 5x.  I've got some other cameras, but nothing compares to the image quality or especially the sound quality of the Nexus.  I've even bought what I thought was a pretty good microphone, and it doesn't sound as good as the Nexus.

I spent two full days writing and taping footage, about a day editing the opening sequence together, and another day editing the next three episodes.  I'm not using a script, just writing some words on pieces of paper to remind me of the general ideas I wanted to talk about.

There are loads more episodes coming down the pipe at you, so I hope you enjoy these!

The third episode is a review of one of my prints of another user's design

The second episode is a cool gadget review

The first episode is a review of one of my own designs

Keep up to date with the latest episodes by subscribing to my channel  or bookmarking the website.

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