3D Printing Pens

by 1:21 AM
A lot of 3D Printer users are getting these new 3D Printing Pens, and its not uncommon to be disappointed by the trinkets they're able t...Read More

Multi-Card Reader

by 5:05 PM
The 3D printer I'm building is going to have a card reader to perform un-tethered prints. Its built into the side of the LCD panel...Read More

Manve PLA filaments

by 10:54 PM
I received this massive selection of PLA filaments from Manve today.  What should I do with all these colors? The detailed specs on t...Read More

Skatin' on 32s

by 10:02 PM
Today I came up with an initial design for the trucks, or carriages, that will carry the arms up and down along the belts.  I'm going w...Read More


by 12:15 AM
A long time ago, a wise person said something that has stuck with me ever since, "what gets measured, gets managed."  What it mean...Read More
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