First Prints on the V3

Once I got the Rostock MAX V3 fully built, it was time to attempt the first print.  Initially I had a ton of trouble getting the printer to home without grinding and slipping the belts.  I eventually determined that the Y and Z endstops were swapped, even though I had double and triple checked them.  It turns out, this was because the Y and Z motors had been swapped.  I'm still not sure if I made a mistake or if they are mislabeled on the board.  In any case, all I knew was after I swapped the endstop switches I was able to home the printer and make the first print.

The MatterControl software that comes with it has a first print preloaded. Its a pair of SeeMeCNC eyes.  I decided to go ahead and print it, and considering I had not done any fine tuning I think it came out pretty good.

As it finished, tho, I noticed something was off about it. Can you spot what?

Yep, the eyes are looking the wrong direction! It was then that I figured out the Y and Z motors had been swapped, so everything would print as a mirror image of itsself.

I swapped the motors and then swapped the corresponding end stops, and everything was finally good to go.

A big Capricorn logo is a print that I had been wanting to do for a while, so I couldn't resist doing this as one of my next prints.  Bear in mind this is without any real calibration, and still using the stock Bowden tube.  I think it came out pretty damn good!

"Offices of Capricorn and Capricorn"

I picked up some rainbow filament a few months ago and I'd been wanting to do a big vase mode print to try it out.  Previously I did a print like this on the Geeetech, but it wasn't big enough to get the full effect.  You could see it transition slightly from pink to red.  This one is much bigger, and you can see it go from red into orange.  I'm just now getting to the part of the spool where the colors will start really going crazy, so I've got lots of ideas for it coming up.

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