Rostock Max V3 Build

I needed a good printer to be the flagship test machine for Capricorn Bowden Tubes, and with the Godzilla Printer still a work in progress, and the Geeetech not wanting to cooperate (I have had one problem after another with its hot end.  I'll eventually swap it out for something else, but I think that will mean designing a custom effector, and that takes time) I knew it was time to break down and spend the money on a SeeMeCNC.

SeeMeCNC is a local (two hours away) company that makes the best RepRap delta printers out there.  I picked up this kit for a Rostock MAX V3 for about $1000 bucks.  

It took me about 4 days to build, working nights after work, so probably close to the expected 10 hour build time. (The Rostock MAX V2 reportedly needed 20 hours to build.  The V3 has a lot less soldering needed and fewer different screw types, and an overall much lower number of individual parts.)

The longest single step was building the hot end.  There is a ton of tiny detail work with very fragile little thermistors and things like that.

On the third day, I would have been done but I got stuck on the calibration. A simple mistake took me forever to diagnose. I'll go into more detail about that in another post.

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