The Build Plate

by 6:43 PM
The build plate, also known as the print bed, is the flat surface that the printer prints objects onto.  In most cases it is made from eithe...Read More

MicroSD card holder

by 10:22 PM
Between my YouTubeing and Dash Cams, I've been using a lot of MicroSD cards lately.  This printer is going to use even more.  These litt...Read More

Fuse Panel

by 9:42 PM
I brought back a selection of fuses, switches, and LED indicator lights from my parent's house when I went to visit them a couple w...Read More

The Extruder

by 7:45 PM
I've been working on the extruder design this week.  I ordered a "MK8" type Bowden extruder from eBay last month, but the...Read More

The Effector

by 11:53 PM
I started working on the effector design in OpenSCAD.  I re-used the same modules to build the magnetic mounting points that I used to ...Read More

Tension Intensifies

by 9:11 PM
Some M4/M5 stainless screws and nuts I ordered a while ago on eBay arrived, so I was able to finally sit the top of the frame in pla...Read More
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