Effector Revisited, Anycubic Fans

A five pack of 10*30*30mm fans came in the mail this week from Anycubic on eBay.  I'm going to use these for cooling fans on the effector.  I don't know for sure how many I'll need yet, definitely at least one or two.

I've been designing the effector in OpenSCAD.  Now that I have the fan(s) I've been able to print a few test prints and get the hole sizes/positions for the hardware perfected.  I'm re-using some of the OpenSCAD code that I used for the trucks so that I can make sure the magnetic mounting points are exactly the same space apart/angle/etc as the ones on the trucks, so they will form perfect parallelograms.

A lot of the existing hot end mount designs that i looked at use a two part bracket that splits down the middle, and have a screw on each side to hold the two halves together.  I thought it would be more secure to use a design where there is one big half, and one smaller 'plug' that slides in from the side, and uses only one screw as a sort of 'pin' to hold it in place.

The effector design is almost finalized, with the exception of a mounting point for the z probe. Right now It just has a hole as a sort of placeholder.  I don't have a z probe yet per se, but I did pick up an assortment of micro-switches from my dad when I visited my parent house recently (more on that in an upcoming post.)  I copied the diameter of the hole from an existing design, so in case i do obtain one of the more common z probe switches its designed to fit it already.

The screw holes are 4mm, which seems to fit perfectly the M4 screws that I have.  Ideally I could probably use smaller screws for less mass, but I'm trying to keep the parts list on this build short, reusing as many of the same nuts, bolts, and screws as possible.

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