They See Me Knollin'

I thought this would be a good time to collect all the parts I've acquired so far and lay them out and sort of take an inventory of what I have and what I still need make or purchase.

I've got most all the electronics I'm going to need, the power supply, the frame, belts, hot end, various heat breaks, Bowden tubing, magnetic joints, ball bearings, thermistor, and five motors. I've designed and printed the trucks (carriages) utilizing the magnetic ball joint mounts.

I still need to design and print an extruder and an effector, and I need to figure out what the push-rods will be made of.  This printer will use a Bowden extruder, meaning the motor is not located directly next to the hot end, but is located somewhere else and connected via a Bowden tube.  I bought a cheap extruder off eBay, but the mounting bracket doesn't quite fit my motors.  Thats ok though, because I only planned to use the springs, hob gear, Bowden fittings, etc. out of it, and print the rest.

The effector is a plate that sits in the middle of where the three push-rods meet.  The hot end is mounted in the center of it, and other equipment will eventually be mounted on it, such as auto leveling probes.  The effector will be 3D printed.  I'm in the process of designing it in OpenSCAD, as I did with the trucks.  

Another thing I still need to acquire is a build surface. I'm going to keep an eye out for round glass table tops at the local thrift stores.  I'll need to print brackets to hold it in place. I'm not going to worry about heating the build surface for now.  I've gotten so used to printing PLA and PETG without a heated bed, due to the one on my Up being nonfunctional as of late.

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