Balls of Steel

To make a magnetic effector mount, you need 12 magnets (3 sides x 2 push-rods on each side x 2 ends on each push-rod) and you need 12 steel balls to go with them.  Each ball is drilled and tapped so it can receive a screw on one side.

 A couple of months ago, I ordered a set of magnets and balls on eBay for about $16. The balls were 10mm and the magnets 12mm, which seems to be a very common size.  I soon found other sets selling for less than half that, so I was really pissed when the set arrived and one of the balls wasn't drilled.  The guy wanted to refund me for the $1 and change for the one ball and there was this whole back and forrth.  I eventually just said 'screw it' and ordered a new set of balls from Anycubic on eBay.  These were only like 4 dollars.

After several weeks, the Anycubic balls have arrived, along with some M4 and M5 screws and nuts that I ordered. I'm going to use the M5s on the belt tensioners, but the M4s (seen here) will be used to attach the balls to the pushrods.  I'm going to 3D print end pieces that will attach onto the rods and house the screws.

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