Thingiverse Stats

This is a chart of my views and downloads on Thingiverse from the summer of 2014 until today.  I like to look at it every once in a while and ponder the various patterns and trends.

So far, my Thing that has the most makes is Chompy the Alamagator.

Butter Pig continues to reign supreme with the most likes and collects, as he has for the past two+ years.

My Fairy Garden Set has enjoyed slow, organic growth in popularity, coming in at third place overall.  
I never cease to be amused by these statistics.  My wire winder is in truth a terrible design, yet it comes in 5th place.  My Universal Headphone Hanger is an amazing design, very useful, well tested, incredibly ripe for remixes, and so forth, yet it doesn't even make the first page.

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